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WhatsApp is one of the best mobile messengers ever developed. It suits perfectly forboth private texting and arranging serious conversations. The WA download is available for different platforms: PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc. It has a simple, yet very effective and informative interface. WhatsApp interacts straight with the contact list of your phone, so texting someone you already know is really easy. You only need to choose whomever you want to write a message. There is a possibility to create a new contact right inside the application as well. The app is available for smartphones, tablets, mobile phones.

There is a wide variety of functions available for all users. For example creating chats with up to 256 participants. This allows both small groups of friends and large collectives to stay in touch. There will be no problem with notifications, it is possible to turn them off. Download whatsapp for smartphones and tablets lastest version.

Another great option is customizing personal profiles with avatar pictures and motos. Not only profiles, but the group chats may be customized with different images as well.

Another important feature of WhatsAppis possibility to immediately share the photos. It is possible to send them from the gallery, using the “share” button or to doit right inside the application. By the way, this messenger supports all types of files up to 100 mb, so there is a possibility to share Powerpoint presentations, Word files and Excel data charts.

The modern age of technology makes us live faster, that is why it is important to have an opportunity to text back as soon as possible. The “Pop-up” notifications will not let you miss any message. There is even no need to open the app to answer, it is possible to text back after clicking on the received message. The users with good internet connection can even make free calls. It is really convenient, because there are no distance and time limits.

In case if you are a busy person, receiving lots of information, there is a special function for you. One can choose a message and mark it as a favorite one. The messages marked as favorites will be stored in special folder. Using this feature you`ll never lose an important number of colleague or a funny quote of a friend.

Finally, this messenger is absolutely free to use. All the features named above can be used for free right after installation. Developers promise that users will never have to pay for using their application.

WhatsApp has been the leading app for communication since 2009. It is an easy-to-use, reliable and multifunctional application suitable for everyone. Download WA and join millions of satisfied users from all over the world.